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Wood Duck Boxes and Predator Guards

2012 Nest Box and Guard Pricing

The Prairie Pothole Chapter has worked dilligently over the past few years to efficiently construct and deliver Wood Duck Nest Boxes and Predator Guards.  These efforts mean that there will be no price increase for 2012.  Detailed information regarding pricing and ordering can be found in the order and pricing forms. 

Prairie Pothole Predator Guards

Roger Strand, a founding member of the Prairie Pothole Chapter, is a nationaly recognized authority on wood ducks and nesting structures.  He has spent years observing wood duck nesting practices on Stoney Ridge Farm and has refined these observations into some best practices.  These include mounting the nesting bon on a pole instead of high in a tree, the use of predator guards to protect nesting hens, and proper placement of nesting structures on the landscape.

Roger's observation that predator guards can greatly enhance brood survival by limiting nest predation led the Chapter to begin working with Chapell Central in Willmar, MN to construct and distribute high quality wood duck box predator guards.  Each style of predator guard is shipped directly from Chappel Central and includes the guard, brackets (if required), and a best practices flyer.

The predator guards are available in 4 models designed to mount on a variety of posts.  Styles A, B, and C have different diameter openings to accommodate various posts while the MWI style has four tabs that be folded and screwed to a wooden post.

Details on how to order wood duck nesting boxes and predator guards are described on the price sheet and order forms.  If you have additional questions about best practices or ordering please fill out the form and a Chapter member will contact you shortly.

Style ABC predator guard

Style ABC predator guard

Style ABC Predator Guard

Style A - 4 inch diameter opening for 2 inch round pipe
Style B - 4 1/2 inch diamter opeing for 3X5 landscape timbers or U style highway posts
Style C - 5 inch diamter opeing for 4X4 timbers

Each ABC style cone guard requires a set of brackts that attach to the pole/post of choice and then the guard is bolted to the brackets.  Remeber tto use a piece of harware cloth or small size wire to cose off any openings at the top of the guard to prevent snakes, mice, and vermin from climbing between the pole and guard.  The brackets are included when ordering an ABC style guard.

MWI Style Predator Guard

MWI Predator Guard

MWI Style Predator Guard

The MWI guard has four tabs cut in the center of the opening.  As tyou warp the cone guard the post each tab is folded and screwed into the 4X4 or 3X5 timber.  On landscape timbers with rounded corners use a hammer to conform the tabs to the timber.  This type of guard can be used with metal poles but requires a set of metal brackets that can be ordered seperately.

Nest Box and Guard Forms

Local Orders -

 If you live in or near Willmar, MN you can purchase the predator guards directly from Chappell Central on a cash and carry basis.  Please contact the receptionist at (320) 235-2151 for assistance.  Contact Troy Heck at (320) 214-1497 about wood duck nesting boxes.

Wood Duck Best Practices

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