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Minnesota Waterfowl Association


Minnesota Waterfowl Association - Mission Statement

 The Minnesota Waterfowl Association is dedicated to the preservation, protection and enhancement of our state's wetlands and related waterfowl habitat and our hunting heritage.




In order to achieve our mission the following goals have been set.  

1)    Ensure waterfowl habitat and wetlands through preservation, restoration, and solid and ethical land management policies and programs.  

2)    Be a leader in and work for legislative initiatives related to waterfowl, wetlands, and conservation issues.  

3)    Work in unison with our volunteers, public, and private partners to ensure these objectives.  

4)    Recruit new hunters, expand hunter opportunity, and teach ethical skills and behaviors that will ensure our hunting heritage.  

5)    Protect hunting rights, shooting sports, and associated activities for all Minnesotans.  

6)    Education on the importance and benefits of wetland restoration and preservation, along with the associated benefits of hunting.  

7)    Increase membership and funding for MWA to help us grow our mission and insure our long-term viability so we can plan for our growth.  

8.)    Maximize our volunteer’s effectiveness.


Minnesota Waterfowl Association - Vision Statement

To see for the present and future quality and quantity of wetlands and related
habitat improvement and to ensure an abundance of waterfowl for our state.




The Minnesota Waterfowl Association, Inc. is a 501C-3 non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of Minnesota's natural resources. 

To make a chartiable donation, please contact the MWA at or call the office at 952-767-0320. 

Home of the Minnesota Waterfowl Hall of Fame Museum. Please come for a visit.

907 First Street N. Hopkins, MN 55343