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Minnesota Waterfowl Association


Woodie Camp 2017

Count down to Woodie Camp 2017


Woodie Camp Dates

The dates for next summer's Woodie Camp will be August 5 - 11. The applications will be available on-line from January 1st - May 15th, 2018.  Campers are chosen based on application and essay. This is not a first come, first served process. 

Woodie Camp Sponsors

 We would like to thank our Woodie Camp Sponsors for their generous support. We couldn't do what we do for kids without their support. 

  • Rio Ammunition
  • Fergus Falls Fish and Game Club
  • Coots Unlimited
  • Ron Schara Productions
  • Mike Grahn
  • Stuart Kagel
  • Steven Kleist
  • Craig Willmert
  • Levi Marcotte Memorial
  • Montgomery Sportsmens Club
  • Every MWA Chapter in the State
  • Pioneer Heritage Conservation Trust
  • Rice Sportsmens Club
  • Stalker Lake Sportsmens Club
  • The Wood Duck Society
  • Eagle Lake Sportsmens Club
  • Friends of the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center
  • Fergus Falls Chapter of Ducks Unlimited
  • Marsh Madness Chapter of Delta Waterfowl
  • Lakes Country Sportsmens Club
  • New Prague Sporstmens CLub
  • LeCenter Sportsmens Club
  • Rich and Tone (RNT) Calls
  • Knutson Sporting Goods

If you would like to donate towards Woodie Camp, please contact Brad Nylin 952-767-0320. Your generous support would be tremendously appreciated. 

Thank you!

Each summer since 1989, young waterfowlers from around the state have gathered at the Minnesota Waterfowl Association's Woodie Camp. MWA volunteer instructors developed the Camp with guidance from professionals of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Originally called "coot camp" the name was changed in 1990 (much to the relief of young waterfowlers) to reflect the newly designed MWA "Woodie" youth movement.

The increasing focus on youth has MWA tailoring a program to meet their needs. The camp addresses the lack of outdoor opportunities for young people. It promotes a sense of responsibility for the tremendous opportunities for lifelong enjoyment and recreation in the great outdoors.

Providing all youths (ages 13-15) with access to the camp is of particular interest to MWA. Any individual wishing to participate is encouraged to apply. With an emphasis on environment and wildlife, all we ask of our campers is the desire to be educated in the art and science of waterfowling.

Minnesota Waterfowl Association prides itself on Woodie Camp's low student to instructor ratio and the quality of its instructor pool. The majority of instructors have been with the camp since its inception. In addition to its professional instructors, MWA chooses its camp counselors from among the brightest undergraduate wildlife majors. The counselors serve as assistants to the instructors providing an important daily link between staff and youth.
The camp is held over a seven-day period. It is structured to provide a cooperative learning environment and to foster teamwork among campers. The campers receive training on environmental topics as well as practical skill developement (see lists at right).

MWA's Woodie Camp is located in Fergus Falls at the Prairie Wetland Learning Center (PWLC). The PWLC in nestled on the south reaches of the city of Fergus Falls, along the border of the Prairie Pothole Ecoregion. This rolling 325-acre tract is blanketed with northern tall grass prairie and speckled with 28 wetlands. The center strives to fulfill a primary mission of waterfowl production and wetland protection. The fulfillment of these goals affords a superb stage for environmental education. The PWLC is unique in that it's the first residential environmental facility operated by the USFWS. MWA is excited to be able to take advantage of this great resource.

A $150 deposit is required of applicants who are selected. The money is returned to you upon the successful completion of Woodie Camp. Other than the deposit there is no cost to any camper other than arranging for one's own transportation to and from camp. This is due in part to the generous financial support from the Fergus Falls Fish & Game Club, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and MWA's local chapters and charitable gambling locations, and too many others to mention, all proud sponsors of Woodie Camp. All campers are required to have passed a Certified Firearms Training Course.

Environmental Topics

*Wetlands Ecology

*Waterfowl Biology

*Habitat Types

*Water Quality

*Waterfowl Banding

*Native Prairie Ecology

*Grassland/Wetland Plant Identification

*Wood Duck Boxes/Nesting Structures

Practical Skills

*Waterfowl identification

*Duck & Goose Calling

*Decoying (over water and land)

*Dog Training

*Laws & Ethics

*Hunter Safety & First Aid

*Gun Maintenance

*Individual Shooting Instruction

*Night Time Navigation

*Hunting Preparation

*Game Care and Preparation

For more information, contact Executive Director, Brad Nylin at 952-767-0320 or email

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