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Official Sponsors

Many events and activities of the Minnesota Waterfowl Association are made possible with the assistance of our sponsors. We want to thank every company that supported us. Without them, conserving, protecting, and improving our state's wetlands, associated waterfowl habitats, and hunting heritage would be even more difficult today!

Rio Ammunition

Since Alfred Nobel began manufacturing cartridges with Maxam in 1872, the entire RIO team has worked unceasingly to reach our current position.

Having committed to innovation and continuous improvement, the company works towards satisfying the expectations of millions of Americans who trust in it when practicing their pastime.

Thanks to this commitment, RIO has achieved global leadership in the manufacture of hunting and sports shooting cartridges of the highest quality and reliability.

15M Finance

15M Finance is a connection service focused on helping middle-income, credit-challenged consumers build a better financial path. The company knows it can be hard to find the right loan for your emergency. That is why it works with trusted direct lenders who are passionate about creating accessible lending products. Its lending partners don't perform hard credit checks and even allow bad credit.

Together with loan providers, 15M Finance can help you with all kinds of loan products: emergency loans and installment loans are the company's specialties. Also, they offer payday loans. No matter your needs, we want to ensure you have access to the best possible product.

August Schell Brewing Co.

The Schell's Beer story began long before 1860 with a man named August Schell. From his birth, his move to the States, and even co-founding New Ulm. We all start somewhere, and Schells' story started right here. A legacy began when the first brick was laid, and the company hasn't turned back since.

Throughout the years, the Schell family faced adversity. The light beer craze. Disco. Low-carb diets. Their brewing tradition persevered and as the brewery evolved, so did the beer.

Schell's was the first brewery in Minnesota to start producing craft beers. A few were created in the 80s, but most followed in the 90s.

In 2002, Schell's made the largest investment in company history by purchasing Grain Belt Beer, and many other new ventures followed. The legend continues, one bottle at a time.

Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters

Reed's Family Outdoor Outfitters is one of the oldest, most renowned outdoor outfitters in the nation. Family-owned, customer-driven for 50 years. The company offers a complete hunting department with scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes, duck & goose decoys, tree stands, duck blinds, electronic dog training collars, and containment systems.

Over 7,000 fishing rods and 356 models of fishing reels are in stock, as well as fishing lines, tackle boxes, fish release systems, baits, lures, tackle, maps, etc. Reed's boasts one of the largest Hunting & Fishing Electronics department known. Featuring handheld or permanent GPS, graphs, sounders, radar, flashers, fishfinders, sonar, and radios.

Lake Community Bank

In 1905,Lake Community Bank was founded with a commitment to be the best Hometown Bank and serve the needs of the local community. As our community has grown, so has it. A lot has changed over the years, but the bank's commitment has not. It's proud to be a local, independent community bank and here to deliver the best for you.

Lake Community Bank will provide exceptional services, striving towards building lasting relationships within the community by being visible, trusted stewards.

AmmoCraft & Gobbler Specialties

For years Ron Becker at Gobbler Specialties has supplied hunters with quality game calls, turkey decoys, hunting blinds, and more. He has served as Chapter President for the National Wild Turkey Federation and given numerous hunting seminars. Ron has made very popular custom wingbone calls and creative turkey fan mounts as well as custom strikers, turkey calls, and bobble head decoys. In 2004, Ron Becker took over as the owner of Ammo Craft, located in Minnetonka, MN. AmmoCraft & Gobbler Specialties is now able to provide you with all hunting-related products as well as shooting and reloading. With FFL certification, you may order guns through AmmoCraft & Gobbler Specialties as well as order them from anywhere in the country and pick them up at a store near you. From Blinds to Bullets - Calls to Clips, AmmoCraft & Gobbler Specialties will meet your needs.

Bass Pro Shops

Fishing and hunting can only be exciting and fun when you are confident in your equipment. And the best place to buy everything for your hobby or sport is Bass Pro Shops.

Here you can find everything from fishing rods to walkie-talkies and GPS navigators. Tents, clothes, and even gifts are already waiting for you at Bass Pro Shops. Don't worry about quality - Bass Pro Shops has already taken care of it.


LenderCity was founded with you in mind. Its technology puts you in control of the process, resulting in lower rates and loan costs.

Each rate quote goes through a pricing engine resulting in real-time rates and fees. The company strives to consistently deliver rates that are .25 – .375% lower than the average national rates quoted by Freddie Mac, and its clients have saved thousands in fees and interest on each of the over $1 Billion in loans funded to date. LenderCity guarantees that it will beat any loan estimate presented to the company.

LenderCity also put technology to work, averaging an impressive 15 days from application to final approval.


Tanglefree offers hundreds of field-proven waterfowl gear items and accessories, including over 80 decoy varieties of geese, puddle ducks, diver ducks, sea ducks, and specialty bird species.

Despite Tanglefree's rapid expansion, the company remains a family-owned and operated business located in Concord, California. Having been in the industry for a while, the company maintains a humble approach to customer service inquiries. Instead of telling you it is superior to the competition, Tanglefree allows the customer to be the judge of our product.

Guardian Financing

Guardian Financing is a private investment firm that offers a variety of financing options to homeowners in need of liquidity. The company offers first and second Private Mortgages at competitive rates, and it does its utmost to get our clients the optimal solution to their financing needs.

Guardian Financing's direct and efficient approach will get you the funds you require at the speed you need. And its honesty and integrity will give you the confidence to proceed with your dreams, whether that is paying off an old lingering debt or carrying on with new projects.

Dokken Dog Supply, Inc

After developing the first Dokken's DeadFowl Trainer, our goal has not wavered: to provide a no-nonsense, cost-effective approach to developing products that make each and every aspect of the dog training experience easier, more effective, and more enjoyable. The company's research and development success is the result of over thirty years of the dog.

Dokken Dog Supply's methods and products are proven and have stood the test of time. However, it depends on the products it develops day-in-day-out in every condition and scenario imaginable to find what doesn't work and, more importantly, what does.