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2018 Woodie Camp Blog

Woodie Camp Wrap Up

Hello from the Minnesota Waterfowl Association HQ in Hopkins, MN. Now that we are all back home, I hope all the campers had a terrific time! 

I know talking with all the instructors and counselors, they sure enjoyed the week of Woodie Camp. As I mentioned at our awards program, we had over 45 volunteer instructors at camp, which is saying something for the future of Woodie Camp! We hope that you will help spread the word on our youth camp, called Woodie Camp. We can always use help in getting more kids involved, so please feel free to contact MWA or simply tell friends, families and neighbors about Woodie Camp!

The kids were awesome all week as mentioned many times. They were engaging, respectful and always said thank you. Very nice young people and we are glad they were at Woodie Camp! Thank you! 

I am uploading the final photo's from the end of the week, so please check them out! 

We always tell campers to get involved and pass it on. We also make that offer to the parents and families! If you would like to get involved with the Minnesota Waterfowl Association, please call or email, and help us Pass it on! 

Thank you all for making this Woodie Camp one that we will remember for a long time. You should all be proud of your great kids! 

Thank you, 
Minnesota Waterfowl Association

Woodie Camp - Friday

hello from Woodie Camp! Today has been a great day! This morning after breakfast the campers were able to band wild ducks and release them back to the wild. They felt their heartbeats and every flap of a wing or kick with the feet! We have some great photo's that were uploaded from the day. Not many people are able to actually band ducks, so this is really special that they get to do this. They banded wood ducks, and one hen mallard. They also took a prairie walk before working on a group poster, then we all te lunch. 

Once lunch was finished the kids worked as a group to do a scavenger hunt, where they put what they learned this week to use, and had to identify prairie plants and flowers, as well as items from the duck ponds. Then we had our waterfowl ID test, and our shooting competition. Each of these will add to group scores and individual recognition as well. 

After dinner is over, we will have our duck and goose calling contest and also a camp test where they will go over everything they learned at camp this week. 

Tonight we will enjoy a nice bonfire as we start to wind down camp for the last night. 

The kids have awesome, and we will look forward to your arrival so you can hear all about the week! 

We will continue to upload photos tomorrow, so stay tuned. 

Until next time from Woodie Camp.... 

Woodie Camp - Thursday

Hello from Woodie Camp! Tonight the kids are doing a Top Gun Warm up, shooting all four stations in preparation for tomorrow's Top Gun competition. They will be shooting targets going away, incoming and left to right and right to left targets. They are also practicing for the duck and goose calling competition, before half the kids do a class called Planning the hunt and the other half are in night time navigation a bit later. 

This morning the kids built wood duck houses with some of our instructors, they also built mallard hen houses with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and we had Troy Heck and Roger Strand come and talk about maintaining wood duck houses and the proper way to install and maintain them each year. 

They also learned about decoy carving from a couple of former campers and counselors now instructors, and were able to paint Scaup or Bluebill decoys that they can take home. When you see them you will understand why we were all saying we wanted to hunt over them! 

After lunch was over, we had our volleyball tournament that we wrapped up which was a lot of fun! Then we moved on to the cooking preparation. This is a lot of fun! The kids grilled up over 85 mallards! They worked within their team, working on a recipes, and they all did a great job, complete with grill masters and they decided who they would send in to present their food to the judges. They were scored on taste as well as presentation. They all did a great job! Once the judging was complete, we moved to the cafeteria and corn on the cob, salad and baked potato's were waiting to go with the grilled duck as the main course. 

They all did an awesome job and the weather has been excellent, like the kids all have been. 

Tomorrow is sort of our testing day. in the morning they will band wild ducks and release them, also they will take a prairie walk and work on a poster for camp. In the afternoon and evening, they will be taking test on waterfowl ID, a test on basically everything they were taught this week (Camp test), a Shooting competition and a duck and goose calling contest, all before a bonfire tomorrow night. Everything that they are tested on is points for their teams, for prizes, we also have some individual competitions with in the tests that we will award, such as top gun, top caller, top student and more. We will announce the winners at the awards program on Saturday right after lunch. 

It looks to be another fabulous day tomorrow. We hope you are enjoying reading about what your great kids are up to this week! 

Until next time, from Woodie Camp...

Woodie Camp - Wednesday

Good evening from Woodie Camp! It keeps getting better and better here at Camp. Today was an early morning with breakfast at 7:00 this morning and duck cleaning where they cleaned 85 game farm mallards and each team (we have 4 teams) made their own marinades, so the ducks that they cleaned are sitting marinating until tomorrow afternoon when the kids will grill them for our dinner. 

After the full morning of cleaning and preparing ducks, we had a picnic lunch in the barn, and then took a bus to Ten Mile Lake to do boat and water safety, along with decoying and of course putting on waders and life jackets to go out in duck hunting boats with the counselors, where they flipped the boats over with the kids to learn how to survive if this happened in the fall. They also learned how to enter the boat if it flipped over. They had a lot of time to swim which worked out perfectly as it was close to 90 degrees today. Right before the bus ride back to the Prairie Wetland Learning Center, we all enjoyed homemade ice cream sandwiches from Ten Mile Lake Resort! 

Once we came back, we they all changed clothes and enjoyed some free time, before dinner. Tonight the kids will learn about Orienteering and more Waterfowl ID, and later they will have a class called Planning the Hunt and a class on Night Time Navigation.

Then it will be tome to get them all ready for bed. I think they are all tired after a long day in the great outdoors. The kids are all awesome and very respectful!! 

We will be uploading more photos when we can from today in a bit. 

Until next time from Woodie Camp... 

Woodie Camp - Tuesday

Good evening from Woodie Camp! What a great day today was. The kids shot incoming targets with shot guns and in the afternoon shot left to right crossing targets. So lots of shooting today! Also they had more goose calling, grassland ecology, they learned about banding ducks, and practiced on some dokken Deadfowl Trainers to simulate live ducks. More Waterfowl ID, gun cleaning, field decoying and lots more. We also started our volleyball tournament which is a lot of fun. 

Tonight we have a Conservation Officer here to talk about Laws and Ethics and followed by movie night! Complete with movie theater popcorn! Today was a busy day and the kids seem to be having a blast! 

Tomorrow they will be cleaning 90 game farm mallards which they will be learning how to clean them properly and also learn how to prepare them for cooking. The campers will be cooking dinner for the entire camp on Thursday, so I can't wait to see what they come up with. Also tomorrow afternoon, we will be going to 10 Mile Lake for our Boat and Water Day, where they will learn about boat safety, decoys in the water and some time to swim. Should be  a great day as it is supposed to be hot here. 

Until next time from Woodie Camp... (Check out the photo's!)


Woodie Camp Monday

Hello from Woodie Camp! What a day again.. We started the morning talking about Waterfowl 365, basically what we can do to help ducks and geese 365 days a year. By the end of the session, it was pointed out that the things that they brought up are what we teach at Woodie Camp all week. From there the kids went to shooting BB Guns at moving targets to learn how to swing their guns at  target. They also had  a terrific session on dog training, that showcased puppies, one year olds and adult labs. It was excellent. 

A bit later in the morning they learned about aquatic plants, and started goose calling. All this was before lunch. Oh and by the way, we have a hen mallard that decided to next directly out the window from the cafeteria. We are giving her space so we don't disrupt her, but today we were able to get a few photos of the ducklings as they were actually hatching and showed the kids.  This is a first for Woodie Camp! So enjoy the photos!

After lunch the kids moved on tho the shotguns and shooting going away targets, then another duck calling session, more Waterfowl ID and a session on Wetland Invertebrates where the kids use a dip net and were able to identify what kind of creatures they pulled out of the wetlands. 

We had to change some schedules around as we had some weather approach from the west, but we got everything in today, and hardly got a rain drop.. 

Tonight the kids are learning about journaling and first aid, followed up with a little bit of freetime before getting ready for bed. 

The kids are all awesome and seem to be enjoying the camp, now that we are off and rolling. Cell phones have not been an issue  and we hope that stays this way all week! 

Tomorrow will be a full day, and the weather looks nice and hot. They will be shooting most of the day, as well as a lot of other cool things, that I will look forward to explaining tomorrow. 

If you are on facebook, I uploaded some photo's and videos this afternoon, so please take a look. All you have to do is "like" the Minnesota Waterfowl Association page, or search for it. 

Enjoy the photos and we will upload more in the days to come. 

Keep any messages coming and we will get them to your camper. 

Until next time, from Woodie Camp..... 

Woodie Camp Update - Day one

Hello from Woodie Camp! What a first day. The weather is terrific and the kids are awesome. Today after the parents left, the kids learned intro to shooting and intro to duck calling. As for the shooting, the kids learned dominate eye, and started shooting BB Guns at stationary targets to get the hang of shooting with both eyes open. They also learned the beginning of duck calling. A special new twist this year was that the custom duck call company, Deadshot Custom Calls came here and did a session on how to make a custom call, and actually made two calls and did a drawing for the calls he just made to two lucky campers. On one was a beautiful custom Polaris duck call and the other was an incredible MN Viking duck call. This was a first for Woodie Camp, and we can't wait to see where this leads into the future. 

After some free time and dinner, the kids have their first of many Waterfowl ID classes, and photography. It is obvious that these kids are smart and can ID many ducks already and certainly understand taking great photos. 

After some free time we had a session on Leaving no trace, that was interactive and a nice way to end the first day. 

Those kids that brought cell phones were very respectful and we didn't have an issue. The phones are locked up in a classroom charging overnight, while the kids got ready for bed. 

Tomorrow will be a busy long day starting at 7:30 with breakfast and a full day using this awesome facility. I will update tomorrow and start loading some of the many photos that were taken today and of course tomorrow. 

Keep the notes to your campers coming as we show them at our breakfast, lunch and dinners. 

Please check back often to see what is happening here at Woodie Camp, and remember to check out the photos tomorrow and all week. 

Until next time from Woodie Camp... 

Woodie Camp - Just Days Away!

Hello, since we are just days away from Camp beginning I wanted to let you know about our sponsors and donors that help us put on Woodie Camp. We are looking forward to an awesome week with your kids and look forward to their arrival. Here is a list of our supporters. This list of groups and companies are highly recommended by the Minnesota Waterfowl Association. Please visit them, or join them!

Thank you!




 We would like to thank our Woodie Camp Sponsors and Donors for their generous support. We couldn't do what we do for kids without their support. 

  • Fergus Falls Fish and Game Club
  • Knutson Sporting Goods
  • Ed Haus Foundation
  • FEA Gunsmithing
  • Montgomery Sportsmens Club
  • Every MWA Chapter in the State
  • Individual Donors
  • Rice Sportsmens Club
  • Stalker Lake Sportsmens Club
  • Eagle Lake Sportsmens Club
  • Friends of the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center
  • Banded Gear
  • Delta Waterfowl
  • Sauk Centre Sportsmens Club
  • Dokken Dog Supply
  • Lakes Country Sportsmens Club
  • New Prague Sporstmens CLub
  • LeCenter Sportsmens Club
  • Rich and Tone (RNT) Calls
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • KLN Family Brands
  • Premier Meats and Seafood

If you would like to donate towards Woodie Camp, please contact Brad Nylin 952-767-0320. Your generous support would be tremendously appreciated. 

Thank you!

2018 Woodie Camp!

Hello, we are about a week before Woodie Camp 2018 begins! We have everything in place and are eagerly awaiting the week. We will be updating you all on what happens at Woodie Camp on a daily basis. We will also be adding tons of photos so you can keep checking back to see and read what the kids are doing. 

We are excited for those of you who have not been to the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center in Fergus Falls. This is a perfect setting for all things waterfowl. Please feel free to let other family members know about this so they can keep up with what is happening during the week of Woodie Camp. 

See you all soon. Until next time, from Woodie Camp...

Woodie Camp Complete