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MWA news and nuggets

By MWA, 03/01/18, 6:45AM CST


Just a few days ago, a bunch of his here in Minnesota got dumped on with snow. It wasn’t all that much time later the sun was shining, the temperature was in the 40s, and there were all sorts of signs and sounds of the snow turning to water. It’s sort of an in-between season for many of us – though for state Legislature watchers, this is The Season – and yet there’s plenty going on. Which is kind of a long way of saying that today’s blog post will tackle a variety of topics rather than focusing entirely on one.

• The annual Minnesota Waterfowl Symposium is set for Saturday, April 14, in Bloomington. We’re working hard to finalize the agenda for the day, which we’re certain will be of interest to people interested in concepts such as conservation and waterfowl. We’ll be providing more details about the Symposium as the event draws closer, but please do make plans to attend. We’ve also written in the past about this year’s Minnesota Waterfowl Hall of Fame inductees, but stay tuned for more details about the ceremony.

• We’re in the 10th year of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, which means we’re getting close to $1 billion being allocated to fish and wildlife habitat via the Outdoor Heritage Fund, which takes in about one-third of the revenues generated by the amendment. It’s hard to argue the Outdoor Heritage Fund’s success and all the great things that have been accomplished as a result. And yet this is no time to rest on our laurels. Not only do we have to constantly defend the fund from attacks and those who would divert the money elsewhere – or do away with it altogether – we also have to start thinking ahead to when the amendment sunsets in 15 years.

• From a policy perspective, there’s not much going on at the state Capitol that directly affects waterfowl hunters. And given that it’s a relatively short session, we’re not expecting much. That’s not to say something won’t pop up, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

• The snow goose season (or conservation order, if we’re being official about it) is now under way in Minnesota. While it’s never a huge deal, there are some people who get into some decent hunting when the birds are migrating through. And for those of us with an itch to keep hunting a little bit, chasing snows can be a good option.