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The Waterfowl Hall of Fame was started by the Minnesota Waterfowl Association to recognize not just folks within MWA, but any individuals who have made lasting impacts on the traditions of waterfowling in the state of Minnesota.  We take nominations anytime throughout the year; and then our Hall of Fame Committee makes their selections in the fall.  The inductees are officially inducted into the Hall of Fame at our Awards Banquet on the first Saturday in February at the MPLS Airport Marriott.

If you would like to nominate someone to this prestigious Hall of Fame, please submit a brief biography highlighting the impacts that this individual has made on the traditions of water fowling in Minnesota.  You can submit it by sending it to the MWA State Office at 907 First Street N. Hopkins, MN 55343, or email your nomination to:

Come visit our Minnesota Waterfowl Hall of Fame Museum at our State Office!
We have over 150 ducks and geese on display as well as an antique duck boat, a duck shack wall with lights, old shot guns, decoy collections, duck and goose call collections and much more.  The museum is open to the public during business hours, Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:30p.m., or by appointment after hours or weekends.

Please plan a visit to the State Office soon!

2010 Waterfowl Hall of Fame

James Ford Bell, Paul Englund, Ray Hangge, Art Hawkins, Robert Head, Don "The Duck Man" Helmeke, Les Kouba, Dick Lindell, Harvey Nelson, Jimmy Robinson, Tom Tubbs

2011 Waterfowl Hall of Fame

Bob Austin, Marv Bernet, Harold Duebbert, Bob Jessen, Dr. P. John "Doc" Komarek, David A. Maass, Bill Stevens

2012 Waterfowl Hall of Fame

Howard Hansen, Bob Hautman, Jim Hautman, Joe Hautman, John Idstrom, Steve Kufrin, Don Parsons, Dr. Roger Strand

2013 Waterfowl Hall of Fame

Randy Bartz, Roger Holmes, Arnold Krueger, Denny Kumlin, Kevin Lines, Grady Mann, Tony Rondeau

2014 Waterfowl Hall of Fame

Richard Anderson, William Bryson, Edward Crozier, Robert Hartkopf, Pell Johnson, James Killen, William Webster

2015 Waterfowl Hall of Fame

Herman Becker, George Herter, Carl Madsen, John Molkenbur, Richard Plasschaert, Ron Schara, Dave Vesall

2016 Waterfowl Hall of Fame

Tim Bremicker, Greg Berg, Carstons Industries, Bud Grant, Oscar Quam, Jerry Raedeke, Doug Smith

2017 Waterfowl Hall of Fame

Dave Fackler. Francis Lee Jaques, Forrest B. Lee, Win Mitchell, Rob Naplin, Bernie Revering, Dennis Simon